• The box contains as much locally sourced fresh and organic products.  These are sourced as close as possible to London to keep our delivery footprint as low as we can.
    Here is a sample of what you would expect to receive (precise contents to differ each day):
    • Traditional Root Vegetables (Onions, Swede, Beetroot, Carrots, Potatoes)

    • Leaves and Green Vegetables (Salad Bag, Savoy/Tundra Cabbage, Leeks, asparagus,spring onions)

    • Coloured Vegetables (Peppers, Tomatoes, Aubergine)

    • Local Fruit (Apples, Pears, strawberry, rhubarb )

    • British cheese (Halloumi, cheddar, soft cheese) 

    • Dairy (eggs, milk)

    • Artisanal Tomato Sauce 

    • Condiment Selection (honey, apple cider vinegar, oil, dressing) 

    • Meat of the week (2 portions)

    • Fresh Caught British Fish from Bethnal Green fish (2 portions) 

The Gourmet Box



    154 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 8XN


    The shop open Wednesday to Sunday 10am-6pm

    The restaurant remains closed fo the time being

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